Why should I choose Scalp Micropigmentation?

When hair thinning begins its startling. We’ve all seen the guys in the street who have lost each and every follicle. Probably never even given it consideration – because it’s something that happens to just about every man out there. It just doesn’t happen to you… until now. The psychology attached to male pattern baldness is really overwhelming. Hair loss can change your life and how you see things. Even if it does happen to nearly everybody at some point in their lives.

Whenever we consider hair restoration solutions the first thing that springs to mind is a transplant. But the only problem with surgery is it comes with some real downsides. The biggest issue with this form of restoration is there’s no guarantee of success. And that’s before you even consider the cost. Additionally, there are issues with future scarring and then the cherry on the cake – even if the grafts take, thinning evolves. Which means a transplant will only go so far.

The only guaranteed solution for this hair loss is scalp micropigmentation for men. Its a cosmetic concealment which is not only long-lasting, it’s pretty much maintenance free once treatment and aftercare procedures are complete. However there’s another upside to this incredibly simple and innovative treatment which is affordability. Unlike it’s unpredictable counterpart, the hair transplant, it won’t dent your pocket in quite the same way.

evaluating your hair restoration requirements

Hair loss is often a heredity disorder which affects millions of men and women across the globe. When gauging scalp micropigmentation requirements, an assessment needs to be made in accordance with both current thinning and future predictions. To do this, here at Inkrease we use the Norwood Scale which evaluates your level of hair loss. Once your evaluation is completed, together with you, the client, we will decide on the best-fit hair restoration procedure.

Our priority at Inkrease is you, the client. To discuss your hair restoration requirements with us, why not book an appointment to find out what we can do for you today.

scalp micropigmentation with inkrease smp

Scalp micropigmentation, which also known as SMP, works similarly to that of a tattoo. Albeit there are some decided differences which set the treatments apart. To compare the two, with both procedures pigments are used and microneedles administer the treatment underneath the outer layer of your skin. Once administered and healed, the pigments remain trapped beneath your epidermis skin level to produce a semi-permanent or in the case of a tattoo, indelible marking.

The distinct differences between tattooing and scalp micropigmentation lie primarily in the depth pigments are implanted. Your skin comprises of three main layers. The outer, waterproof layer is your Epidermis, which has the Dermis lying just underneath this. Thereafter you hit a subcutaneous level known as the hypodermis which is made of connective tissues. With scalp micropigmentation, the depth of the implant is much shallower than that of a tattoo and takes intense training and qualifying to ensure you hit the correct spot.

Of course, the depth of pigment is not the difference. Pigments used by scalp micropigmentation artists are natural products which are specifically designed for the procedure. SMP uses also uses incredibly fine microneedles for precision and finally, a technician that administers your scalp micropigmentation is categorically trained for the job in hand. SMP is a treatment that will not only change the way you look at your life, but it will also change how you look for the rest of it. We understand this at Inkrease – and above all, we are specialized and trained solely for SMP.