SMP Opportunities


Course= $3800 to $4500 

Average cost of treatment = $3000

Weekly income Based on 2 Clients= $6000 

Monthly income based on 8 Clients =$24,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION TRAINING: Inkrease SMP provides scalp micropigmentation (SMP) training classes to help individuals learn the procedures of SMP. Our SMP class is designed to help you learn the latest techniques and tools to create the most realistic and natural looking results. We offer both beginner and advanced classes, covering topics such as hair simulation, color theory, skin types, and more. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers provide hands-on instruction in a safe and professional environment. With our scalp micropigmentation classes you will learn the techniques to create beautiful and long-lasting results for your clients and build a successful business.

Our scalp micropigmentation training courses cover a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of the procedure to more advanced topics such as customizing the technique to individuals and special applications. We provide thorough instruction on all aspects of SMP, including operating the equipment, mixing colors, and creating the desired results. Depending on the duration and complexity of the course, the cost of our courses can range from $3,800-$4,500. We provide hands-on training in a professional environment, and our experienced instructors are available to answer any questions you may have. With our comprehensive training program, you can be sure that you will have the skills and knowledge to perform scalp micropigmentation with confidence.

INKREASE SMP values their trainees, and we pride ourselves on our high standards. We believe that limiting each training group to just five students ensures that we are able to provide each student with the highest quality instruction and individualized attention. This helps to ensure that our trainees are receiving the best possible education and quality control in this growing industry. We want each student to receive the most concentrated value from their training experience.

Jose Nuñez, the head of the company, has been a Master Barber since 1997. Jose started his SMP career in Brooklyn, NY and has since become one of the leading pioneers in the barber and Scalp Micropigmentation Industry in the Dallas Fort Worth community. Jose has helped many people suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, hair density, head scar camouflage, and alopecia. He and his team have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to their customers, making sure they get the best results every time. With their expertise, they are able to provide natural-looking results and help their clients feel confident and happy with their appearance.

Yes, we do offer post training support after you have completed the SMP class. We provide a variety of ways to get help, including not only private online forums and groups, students will also have access to a continuing training facility in Las Colinas for further guidance and hands on practice to master your technique. We are the only training center that offers this added layer of support. This way, you can get in person help with any questions or issues you may have after completing the course and build at your own pace. The continuing training facility is only available to INKrease SMP students. Advanced online help is also available.

Everyone is an individual so students will need to alter the technique and treatment.

Yes, we do offer continued support after you have completed the course. We provide a variety of ways to get help, including not only private online support forums and groups, you will also have access to a continuing training facility in Las Colinas for further guidance and hands on practice to master your craft. We are the only training center that offers this added layer of support. This way, you can get in person help with any questions or issues you may have after completing the course. The continuing training facility is only available to INKrease SMP students.

The Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) course is available in three locations: New York, Fort Worth, and our training facility in Las Colinas. Our training facility in Las Colinas provides a state-of-the-art facility with everything you need to learn the SMP technique from adding hair density, filling bald spots, camouflaging scars, hairline and more. If you are interested in attending one of our training courses, please email to check the available dates. Our training courses are designed to provide the highest quality education and ensure that all attendees are fully prepared to enter the SMP industry.

Yes, our live training is designed for all professionals to learn and master the art of Scalp Micropigmentation. At the beginning of our training program, we take the time to understand each individual’s learning style and experience. We provide comprehensive instruction in theory, observation, hands-on experience with live models, all under the guidance of our experienced team. Through a series of advanced workshops, trainees are equipped with the knowledge and techniques required to successfully practice SMP. We also emphasize the importance of safety and hygiene in all aspects of the practice. By the end of the program, trainees will have the necessary skills to confidently and safely start working to change lives.

The amount a SMP specialist or practitioner can make is dependent on their skill level and experience, as well as the location in which they operate. Generally, practitioners can make a six-figure income, which is based on a weekly income of servicing two or more clients each week. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the cost of the procedure can vary on the extent of hair loss and different skin types.

The location in which a practitioner is operating can also determine the amount that a SMP artist can make. Furthermore, practitioners may also earn additional income from the sale of related products or services, such as pre and post care products, touch-up sessions, and treatments. With the right skill level, experience, and client base, a practitioner can potentially earn more than the average six-figure income.

Our scalp micropigmentation training consists of 3 days of intensive training. During these three days, you will learn a variety of techniques and procedures related to scalp micropigmentation, including the vital fundamentals of the procedure, scalp anatomy and physiology, color theory, client consultation, and other important elements of the process. You will also have the opportunity to practice on a mannequin head initially followed up with a live model under the guidance of experienced instructors. At the end of the course, you’ll be prepared to provide professional scalp micropigmentation services and after care treatment.

Yes, a training kit will be provided for the scalp micropigmentation course. The kit will include all the necessary materials and supplies required to complete the course. This includes needles, pigments, practice skin, scalp-simulating materials, and other tools.

The kit may also come with instructional materials such as video tutorials, practice exercises, and comprehensive instruction manuals.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation can be different on both men and women. The main differences are in the type of hair loss and the pattern of the pigmentation. Men usually experience more diffuse hair loss, while women may experience more patchy hair loss. Additionally, the pattern of pigment used for scalp micropigmentation may be different for men and women. Men often choose a more closely spaced, dense pattern, while women may opt for a more spread-out pattern with fewer dots. Other differences may include the placement of the pigment, the color of the pigment, and the size of the dots (density).

Yes, you will be taught how to perform scalp micropigmentation on both men and women. This includes techniques such as assessing the area of scalp to be treated, selecting the right pigments and equipment, and learning how to apply the hair density in order to achieve the desired effect. You will also need to understand how to work with various skin types, and cases including alopecia, hair transplant scars various hairline types as well as how to provide the best aftercare treatments.

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  • Intimate 6 student capacity per course 
  • Hair Loss Scales for both; male & female
  • Trichology theory – Hair & Scalp candidacies 
  • Sanitary / Set up & Break down 
  • Proper Pre-service & Aftercare 
  • Efficiency Mapping 
  • Needle Knowledge 
  • Comprehensive Pigment & Color Theory
  • Hairline Shaping 
  • Health & Safety Protocols 
  • Density Fill
  • Shadow & Blending Techniques 
  • Speed vs Power 
  • Hands On Practice 
  • One on One Shadowing available to post certified apprentices (must have proof) 
  • Handling Consultations 
  • Financial Strategies & Pricing 
  • Marketing Your Business 
  • Photo & Videography Content and much more. 
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