Course= $3800 to $4500 

Average cost of treatment = $3000

Weekly income Based on 2 Clients= $6000 

Monthly income based on 8 Clients =$24,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your scalp micropigmentation training course cost?

We offered to training packages. If you already have the equipment the cost is $3800.If you wish to purchase the power supply, handpiece & boxes of needles through us, the cost is $4500

Why is there only a 6 student capacity per training?

INKREASE SMP values their trainees. We pride on our standards. We believe that a qualified group capacity creates healthy quality control in this growing industry & we want to give each student concentrated value.

How long has INKREASE SMP been in the industry?

Jose Nuñez has been in the SMP business for over 5 years. Although he started his SMP career in Brooklyn, NY.
Jose is considered as one of the SMP pioneers in the barber & SMP Dallas Fort Worth community.

Do you offer continued support after I’ve completed the course?

Yes! We have private online support forms and groups as well as the option to subscribe to additional support groups with the trainers.

Where does the SMP training course take place?

We offer Scalp Micropigmentation training in New York and at our Fort Worth facility.
To check available dates please email: inkrease.smp@gmail.com

Can anyone learn scalp micropigmentation?

Yes, our training program is designed for all professionals to learn and master the art of Scalp Micropigmentation. We start our training program by understanding each individuals learning style & experience skill level in permanent cosmetics. Each trainee will learn theory, observation, participate in advance workshops and then hands-on work with a real clients under our teams supervision.

How much does a scalp micropigmentation specialist / practitioner make?

On average, practitioners can make over a six-figure income, which is based on a weekly income of 2 plus clients per week.

How long does it take to complete a scalp micropigmentation course?

Our course is 3 days of intensive SMP training.

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  • Intimate 6 student capacity per course 
  • Hair Loss Scales for both; male & female
  • Trichology theory – Hair & Scalp candidacies 
  • Sanitary / Set up & Break down 
  • Proper Pre-service & Aftercare 
  • Efficiency Mapping 
  • Needle Knowledge 
  • Comprehensive Pigment & Color Theory
  • Hairline Shaping 
  • Health & Safety Protocols 
  • Density Fill
  • Shadow & Blending Techniques 
  • Speed vs Power 
  • Hands On Practice 
  • One on One Shadowing available to post certified apprentices (must have proof) 
  • Handling Consultations 
  • Financial Strategies & Pricing 
  • Marketing Your Business 
  • Photo & Videography Content and much more. 
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